Transportation in the Town

Prague Public Transport (MHD) is a well-organised system of affordable transport in the city and its surrounding areas and includes underground, trams, trains, buses, ferry, and funicular. All information about Prague´s transport services can be found on the Prague Public Transport Co. website, or in any of their information centres , and on the ROPID website.


Route search and connections

Intuitive search of travel connections is offered on the websites of DPP and ROPID. You can print out the timetable of any line at a selected bus stop ( Interactive transit map MHD enables to find an optimal connection ( An excellent tool for travel using MHD is Google Maps application (e.g. Android and iOS mobile systems): it will find your location, you just need to add the destination of your journey. The application will recommend the most convenient MHD route including the walking route to the bus stop and from the final stop to your destination place.


Fares – travelling in Prague

The basic transfer ticket for an adult costs 32 CZK and is valid for 90 minutes. For shorter distances lasting no more than 30 minutes you need to pay 24 CZK for a ticket. A tourist ticket valid for 24 hours costs 110 CZ and a 3-day-ticket is for 310 CZK. Further information regarding the price list can be found in section Fares on the Prague Public Transport website. All information regarding the PID tariff can be found on

Opencard with a recorded coupon is an ideal option for a frequent travel in the city. With a recorded application called Doklad o nároku na zvláštní ceny jízdného (Entitlement to special price fare) the children between 10 and 15 and the elderly between 65 and 70 can use public transport free of charge, conditions apply. Students younger than 26 and elderly above 60 can purchase a discounted fare.


Where can you purchase your ticket?

  1. In a ticket vending machines of the PID which can be found on all the metro stations and some bus and tram stops across the city. For the complete list of the machines see here
  2. In the info centres of the DPP or in newsagents. The list of info centres can be found here.
  3. Purchase an SMS ticket from your mobile phone. Send a text depending on your desired ticket i.e. DPT24, DPT32, DPT110 or DPT310 to 902 06. The number in the text refers to a price: 32 CZK for 90 min travel, 24 CZK for 30 min, 110 CZK for one-day ticket, 310 CZK for a three-day ticket. You will receive confirmation about your ticket purchase. Please note that you will be charged for the text message according to your operator´s charges.
  4. From a bus driver, but expect a higher fare, i.e. 40 CZK for an adult, 20 CZK for a child.


Metro transport

Prague metro network includes three lines A, B and C and in total 57 stations, three of which are transfer stations. Metro runs daily from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. The intervals are approximately 2 to 3 minutes during the morning and afternoon rush hours. In the evenings the interval is no longer than 10 minutes, and 7.5 minutes during the weekends.

More on Prague metro can be found here.


Tram transport

The tram service involves 21 daily and 9 night lines. The tram tracks are 547 km long and have in total 600 tram stops along its routes. The most important connections are the so called arterial tram lines: no. 3 (Kobylisy-Sídliště Modřany), no. 9 (Sídliště Řepy-Spojovací), no. 11 (Spořilov-Olšanské hřbitovy), no. 17 (Vozovna Kobylisy-Sídliště Modřany), and no. 22 (Bílá Hora-Nádraží Hostivař). These lines extend to the most frequented places in the city. Their interval is 4 to 5 minutes on a weekday and 7 to 10 minutes in the evenings and the weekends.

More on Prague trams can be found here.


Bus transport

Buses contribute to a quality of the public transport system too. There are about 120 daily and 15 night lines which provide transport to those suburban areas without the rail transportation. Buses enable a fast transit along the city circuit to avoid getting into the city centre. PID lines also connect Prague with its neighbourhood areas.

More on Prague buses can be found here.