Transport by Private Car

Up-to-date information on Prague traffic

If you travel by car in Prague, we recommend finding out about current traffic situations in individual localities via the city camera system. Apart from regularly up-dated records and traffic volume, you will also learn about traffic restrictions in Prague and its environs which areas are currently subject to speed-checks. The application enables you to create your own routes, save them and check them prior to every departure.


Parkovací zóny

V současné době nejsou parkovací zóny v oblasti MČ Praha 10 zavedeny a parkování je možné všude tam, kde to pravidla silničního provozu dovolují.


When your car is towed away by police

Your car is at risk of being towed away for unauthorised parking in residential zones or if you park in paid zones, and if you park in paid zones without paying, your car can be clamped and you will be fined afterwards. You can find out if your car has been towed away if you send a request by using the internet form or by calling city police number 156.


Road cleaning

Drivers who leave their cars parked in a street where block cleaning is under way  also risk a fine. Application informing of dates of cleaning for individual streets for the current year is available here (only in Czech).