Municipal District

Prague 10 is situated in the south-eastern part of the Capital and includes the territory of the area of approximately 1.900 hectares. The names of former historic municipalities - Vršovice, Strašnice, Malešice, Záběhlice, Vinohrady, Michle – form (after joining in1960 and after separation of Prague 15 in 1994) the individual cadastres of Prague 10. Some cadastres belong to Prague 10 with the whole of their area, such as Vršovice, Malešice, other from larger or smaller part, other in turn with a marginal, quite minute and almost unpopulated part, such as, e.g., Žižkov, Hloubětín, Hrdlořezy and Kyje. In the territory of present-day Prague 10 we will find approximately 7 thousand houses and 55 thousand flats in which approximately 111 thousand of inhabitants live today. Therefore, it is possible to state that despite the fact that some of the above-mentioned municipalities have history of almost thousand years – as a whole Municipal District Prague 10 is very young.



Originally a small village founded in the eleventh century by the Vyšehrad canonry. In 1885 Vršovice was promoted to township, in 1902 to town. Today, 35 thousand inhabitants live in Vršovice.



The oldest written mention of Strašnice originates from the twelfth century, the municipality kept the country nature for a long time, only at the beginning of the twentieth century construction started in Strašnice. The most significant constructions include the Trmal Villa of 1902, a work of architect Jan Kotěra. Today, there are 37 thousand of inhabitants in Strašnice.



The original settlement belonged in 1309 to the Vyšehrad and St.Vitus canonry, preserved from the old built-up area has been late Baroque chapel in the Street Na Univerzitním statku and also the manor house of 1689. Malešice today has 12 thousand inhabitants.



At the end of the eleventh century it was the property of the Vyšehrad provost. The most significant building of old Záběhlice is the church of the Virgin Mary, originally a Roman building of the twelfth century, the chateau Práče is formed by an interesting complex of buildings the centre of which is an object of the second half of the eighteenth century. In the sixties of this century prevailingly in the cadastre of Záběhlice the extensive housing estate Zahradní Město was built. Today, Záběhlice have around 20 thousand inhabitants.



A part of Královské Vinohrady that belongs to Prague 10 includes, first of all, built-up area with villas and a considerable part of lands is taken up by the Vinohradská Hospital and Vinohradský cemetery.